Living and Writing the Wonderful Way

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Living and Writing the Wonderful Way

Welcome to be wonderful now! My name is Thomas Oberbichler, my friends call me Tom. I’m a bestselling author, a book and writing coach,  a publisher and brain training coach and here I share my view of the world, my experiences in paradise – that’s were I spend most of my time, tips and tricks for feeling good, for living and writing the wonderful way. I live, write and coach in Vienna/Austria and in the French Alps at Lake Geneva.

Since my main principle is: “You go first!” I share my own experinces with you and tell stories that I know from first hand. I’m using all the techniques, tricks, and methods I share with you myself – that’s why I know that they work.

Thomas Tom Oberbichler swimming with a dolphin, dreams and life

Dream your life – live your dreams!

In my blog be wonderful now I focus on independent writing. I am an independent writer and I am very grateful for and enthusiastic about the great opportunities we find in the 21st century to express ourselves and to make a living, doing the things you love to do. I am a writer’s and author’s coach and am delighted to pass on my knowledge, insights, love and experience to others who want to follow the path to happiness as authors and writers.
The second topic that I touch in each blog posts is feeling good. I write about how you do it. How to feel good is always an important asset in my writing and living..
I love to take pictures and to play with them, so you’ll find that I love to include pictures of our wonderful world into my posts. So come, have a look, read, enjoy and make good use of be wonderful now!

Do you want to have success as an author and writer? Check out the Resources and Knowledge Base I have prepared for you now!
And be sure to let me know, what you think about it, to share your own experiences – we are all in this together, so let’s make this wonderful world an even better place! be wonderful!

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  1. Hi Thomas,
    While you certainly do you sound like you’re living life largely!!
    Congratulations on that ✨

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