Sometimes people come to me and ask me: How do you do this? Where do you find the energy for all your projects? Aren’t you tired and worn out with all the hours you put in?

This always makes me smile, because the answer is so easy.

Have you noticed, yet, that once you found your way, once you realized that you found the positive, productive solution to a question, a problem and look back: It is always easy and the decisive moment, the turning point happens always very fast.

And yes, I took a decision, and to be honest with you this was a while back, even, if I did not realize it for a long time.
I chose a direction for my life. I chose where I wanted to go to, what I wanted to do with my life – and for all I know it is the only one that is guaranteed – all others are mere speculation.

I knew quite soon that the world is a beautiful place filled with loads of opportunities. What I did not like was that I saw so many people suffering – from hunger, depression, anger, poverty, fear, …

So I set out to change this. I committed myself to make my contribution to turn our wonderful world into an even better place.

And I got to work.

Although I became aware soon that any change has to start with myself, it took me some time – to be honest quite a few years – to accept the fact, that You go first! literally means that I not only have to apply everything I want and find right to myself, but I am the one and only thing/person in this universe that I can actually change and by doing so I change the world.

I tried many ways, some of them were dead ends, some lead me on to great successes, some lead me astray. And I keep learning all the time. And I kept asking myself all the time? Is there another way that is easier, that lets me reach my goals faster, that enables me to live and work more effectively?

One fact was clear to me from the start: I am living one life and was not willing to sacrifice any part of it to something or someone bad for me.

So the last-century concept of a work-life balance never was a path I was following.

I am always on the look out, I am always testing new behaviors and strategies and use the feedback I get to correct my course.

And I found my way. I am living the life of my dreams – totally responsible for my thoughts, feelings and actions I move from success to success and feel great. I love every moment of my life and, if there comes a moment that does not feel wonderful, I know exactly what to do to get to a moment that feels better and better and better.

So „working“ and „living“ became synonyms for me and I am enjoying and loving what I do.

I claimed my birthright: I am living a wonderful life.

A butterfly (silver-washed fritillary) feeding on a flower.

Life is good – now!

And this is not about material things. This is all about thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, strategies.

And yes: You can do it!

It takes some effort, some decisions and a lot of commitment – and rest assured, there is no way back. Once you take and accept control of your life: Nobody else is to blame for anything – it is entirely up to you.

Are there any tricks to this?

Yes! I learned to think dialectically – that is to say: I know that contradictions are everywhere and the root cause for all movement, life included.

Yes I learned that change is omnipresent and the only constant in the universe.

Yes! I learned to change my representation of reality and therefore the way I feel about it.

Yes! I learned to enter quickly in deep altered states daily and to gain control by letting go.

Yes! I learned to treat my body as the important part of me it is. Which means I exercise 5 to 6 times a week and choose wisely what and how I eat.

So what are you waiting for?

Do it now!

be wonderful!

PS: be prepared for the English edition of “be wonderful! Being emotionally successful with applied NLP” 🙂

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