Maybe there are people who look at any given situation and see problems wherever they go.

I’m different. I think in possibilities.

So, when my friend Sebastian, who’s 75ish told me that he couldn’t join me and my wonderful wife Chris for a biking „expedition“ to Lake Neusiedl, in Burgenland – about 90 km to the southeast of Vienna, my brain went into immediate action and soon I had it: We rented e-bikes for all of us.

Now I want to tell you that, when these e-bikes started showing up more in more in Vienna, I didn’t like them.

Biking was sports and including a motor-drive just wasn’t cool – so I thought and let me mention that they are very unpredictable!

There it comes, this small bike, from my right – and I said to myself – I’m long gone before this slowly rider crosses my path – wrong! He was faster than me: He rode an e-bike.

So here I was. Talking to the friendly owner of the bike rental in Illmitz, my favorite village in the National Park Seewinkel.

What helps me a lot is that I’m always open to new ideas, I love progress and to do things differently 🙂

They were heavy, those e-bikes – I noticed that at once …

And we started of – I was wondering how it would turn out to be.

Have I mentioned that we picked three different ones? To increase the experience.

E-Bikes are Pure Empowerment

Pure Empowerment

I could tell you that it was a long and arduous journey and then at last – they turned out to be fine … but the truth is: We had great fun, from the beginning to the end, when we returned the e-bikes.

Just wonderful! You pedal a bit – without any effort – and when you look at the speedometer, you see it: 25 km/h (that equals about 16 m/h). It is so easy and fun!

And the scenery down there is marvelous! Its totally flat and still you can see the eastern most peaks of the Alps, especially Snowy Mountain (there’s no snow there, yet).

The sky is sooo big there – do you know, what I mean? There are just no limits to it.

no water – lots of salt

no water – lots of salt

The National Park Seewinkel is a great place to dream big 🙂 I always do it, when I’m there.

This year there was very little rain – so many of the small ponds and lakes are dried out – and where the water used to be, there grow thousands of sea starworts that wouldn’t be there, if there was more water.

Flowring Seastalwort - They flower where the water used to be

They flower where the water used to be

The National Park is famous for its many birds – especially during the migration periods. This time the e-bikes, and the wonderful sky where the main attraction – and the good company.

Funny thing is: most people who go there are relaxed and friendly. And so are the people who live there. Many places offering good food as well.
The most spectacular birds we encountered were giant swarms of starling – so amazing to watch them fly their patterns in the air and then group together on the telephone lines.

Starlings gathering in a Tree in Burgenland

Evening get together of Starlings

Sebastian, by the way, was doing great! He had so much fun and was moving effortlessly with us – I think he was at least 10 years younger, when we returned to Vienna, than in the morning.

Sunset in Seewinkel National Park Burgenland

The Sun Sets and Rises at the Same Time in Different Locations that Are the Same

And the evening sky, with the sun setting behind the Alps and some picturesque cloud banks – what a fantastic day! And you know what? Those ebikes are pure empowerment.

Sunset in Seewinkel National Park Burgenland

Feel the Power of the Sun

be wonderful!
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