I love to travel – it’s one of the most wonderful things to do – don’t you think so?
In October I spent another day in paradise (actually 31 of them and that’s another story:)) – this time in London, UK.

Now, there might be some people out there who think of London and think of rain and foggy days.

I think in possibilities and look for the bright side of things, cities and people.

Sunrise in London

Sunrise is a very special moment – each and every day – so bright, so lovely

London is a big city, isn’t it? I mean really big. More than 8 million people.

For some people London stands for entertainment and going out, for others it’s the shopping, many come to see and hear Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, some even come for the aristocratic reminiscences, London offers, many come for the business.

The leaves of this tree in Brompton cemetery, London, have turned to a flaming red

Autumn is wonderful time for changes, you find so many inspiration in nature.

I come for seminars. 🙂 The latest occasion was the fantastic Get the Life You Want event with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, organized by NLP Life Training in October, I attended as a delegate with my lovely wife, Chris Pape.

It was a great event and that is not what this post is about.

When I go to a Seminar I always like to have a day or two before and after the event, to get a feeling for the place, to explore my new surroundings.

My favorite way to explore new places is by walking around.

Christiane Chris Pape and Thomas Tom Oberbichler having fun in the streets of London

We love life and have lots of fun!

I like to have a look at the part of the city I’m in.

Where are shops, supermarkets, restaurants? What kind of people are moving in and through the streets? Which pleasant surprise are waiting for me to discover them?

This time I spent 4 days at the border of Chelsea and Fulham, near Earl’s Court.

I already know this area from the Licensed Practitioner of NLP with Richard Bandler, I attended in April 2011 – and I love it, it is so easy to feel good.

For me, one of the best things about London is: London is an international city. So many different languages to hear, so many different food to taste, so many different styles to see, and scents to smell. And London feels differently, where ever you go.

Two beach chairs in autumn in Hyde Park, London

Have a seat and enjoy your life!

London isn’t only a city full of wonderful buildings, there are lots of parks, some really big, like the Hyde Park and some smaller ones.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzTc1r61GGE]

Since I come from Vienna, a city that has a large river, forests and mountainous hills, I always look for the green in any city I come to.

The squirrels in Brompton cemetery are very curious ...

These little squirrels come up really close – it’s a good idea to use the feedback you get

A very special place, not only in this respect, and very close to where I stayed, is Brompton Cemetery, which is more a park with tombs in it to me, people use it to exercise, to run, to go for a walk and it’s filled with curious and very tame squirrels, birds – we even spotted a fox there one day. This all goes to show you, how your perspective changes everything.

Brompton Cemetery London, Chelsea

The same thing can have so many different meanings – this cemetery is a big recreational area

Another highlight for me is the Thames. I love water and I love to wander through the streets of Chelsea and Fulham to end up on the lovely path along the river Thames.

An old factory building on the banks of river Thames in London

This is part of the old London – what will replace it …

So many contradictions to see and feel, you have the old storage facilities and factories in different shades of decay and right next to it – or on the opposite river bank – you have fantastic new architecture, beautifully designed modern 21stcentury buildings.

The London skyline at Battersea Park, where modern times have taken over

Dynamic buildings shape a dynamic future

And there are really great sculptures interspersed in the city.

Christiane Chris Pape holds the head of a bronze horse's head in London

Can you see the whole body of the horse?

I don’t know about you – I for my part love all the flowers that are present, where ever you go in London. And the sea that’s never really far away in the UK makes for a very mild and gentle climate (Well, at least, when I am there :))

So one thing is for sure: I’ll be back in London.

Sunset in Chelsea, London - the sky is burning

When the sun sets in London, the sun rises in some other places

Because I like this city and haven’t even told you about the best thing: Every time I come, I make new friends and have even more reasons to come back.

The better it get’s, the better it get’s!

What are your favorite London memories? What do you like best about life? What are your favorite ways to explore a city?

For me, I spend another day in paradise each and every day – this time, it was in London.

be wonderful!