Book Mentoring

Why opt for a book mentoring?

Whether you are writing a blog, a non-fiction book, a personal success story or a how to book, whether you want to be writing, think that you should have started writing, …

Do the words procrastination, writer’s block, hesitation, doubt, losing your focus, negative self-talk, dropping the ball, negative critiques and reviews ring a bell with you?

Then you have come to the right man.

I don’t write your text, I don’t re-write it, I do no editing, proof-reading or writing classes, I won’t do marketing and sales for you. I work with you, the writer, as a person.

Today, he technical progress, the internationally intertwined and connected network we live and work in, the new media offer great and unforeseen possibilities and opportunities for independent writers to write and publish blogs, stories, books, everything. It is so easy.

That means, if there should be a bottleneck in the process, its likely to be found and solved within the person. That’s were I come in.

Of course, I will give you formatting and uploading tips, marketing and sales concepts – while I’m no editor, I will give you feedback to the structure and style of your writing.

And this is only one part of what you get in a book and writing coaching.
I look at how you procrastinated writing, how you made yourself believe that you could not write, how you did it, when you might have gotten angry at negative reviews, maybe even took them to heart. How did you do hesitation and doubt, how did you lose your focus? I’ve put all this sentences in the past, because 1) that’s were they belong and 2) you’re not doing all this stuff right now you are taking care of yourself and treating yourself well.

And: I show you, how you, yourself, can change all this.

There are no limits to your creativity on a field of flowers

I am working with the model on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), self hypnosis and dialectics.
You get all the tools you need to meet such challenges now and in the future, to overcome them and to be emotionally successful.

You choose your emotional success and are relieved, as you notice how your success spreads to all levels of your writing and your life.

I do most of my book and writing coaching through email-coaching. Skype and telephone sessions can be arranged easily.

At the start of each email coaching program I send you a questionnaire, which you return to me with your answers and comments to build your personal coaching program.

This forms the basis of your email coaching. Of course I have developed a guiding structure for the different coaching packages. And from there I adjust the book and writing coaching to your individual and personal needs.

Each human being is unique and so the principle of feedback is the foundation of my work. I treat you as the individual being that you are.

We will exchange emails once a week for the duration of the coaching program. I will answer your emails with 48 hours at the latest – given the functioning of the technical infrastructure.

Are you ready to seize the opportunity and boost your success as an author, as a writer with a book and writing program, yet?

Apply for bookmentoring with me by sending an e-mail to tom.ober(at)!

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