In my life I have met many different concepts of success and I came to realize that there are manifold ways to look at this topic. And there’s always more to it than the eye can see.

I’ve encountered people who started to tell me: „It’s all about the money.“ In their mind there seemed to be no other way to measure success. And that is truly an interesting and fascinating question: „How do you measure your success?“

Do you know this feeling: The closer you look at a topic, a thing, a person, a task, the more details you discover, the clearer the overall picture gets, the more questions arise. And there are so many answers out there.
That’s about the only prerequisite of a question—it needs to have at least one answer or it couldn’t be a question.

a lovely yellow flower with the motto you are the center of your universe

You are the center of your universe!

Now I know that there are still some people out there who wasted time comparing themselves to others—not with the intention to learn, with the intention to measure their own success in comparison. I could say: What a fool who indulges in such a useless endeavor. And I don’t, because you know well that people always choose the best option that’s available to them at any given moment. This is why making people see and grasp more of the many options available to them in any given situation is at the center of my work.

Some people say: it’s not about the money – your health is the most important value in you life—you need to be healthy to enjoy all the great features life is constantly offering to you. Yes, I know some even split it up in mental and physical health, but I won’t worry you with these outdated concepts. They may be dealt with in other posts and actually they already have (have a look at: how do you feel about your body) and they will be later on.

Oh yeah, there are those that claim that it’s not about the money, its about the things I buy with money. Now for some these translates into cars, for others into houses, boats, planes, clothes, jewelery, watches, shoes. Actually a lot of these things became really metaphors for success: Ferrari, Lear Jet, Longines, Prada, there are so many—brand names is what they are and for some people they signal and represent success.

Funny thing is that there are always this copycat articles, so hard to tell them apart these days …

Where you live that is to say what place you call home is a way to measure success for some people. In Europe the Cote d’Azur might come to mind, or Zermatt, there are those places with wonderful beaches in the Caribbean, in California, Florida, … What’s really strange is the experience to meet such a place that used to represent success when the hype is over. When the luxury, wealth and scent of success are gone…

OK, I know, there are people who take a different point of view. They say that it’s all about the relationships with other people I have. For some the loving relationship is at the center, for others it’s their family (this is a very dynamic topic to be honest), their friends. Those people say: I am loved and I get along well with my loved ones—that’s what success is all about. No, I won’t talk about people who put so-called pets at the center of their attention here.

One word and so many different concepts—which one was the most familiar one to you?

I’m not going to rank them—that’s another discussion. I’m inviting you to follow me along a path that leads to a thing I call emotional success and that you know well.

To start off, let’s assume for a while that you are comparing you to yourself.

The timescale is very dynamic and flexible for this journey. You could look at you now and compare yourself to yourself a minute, an hour, a week, a month, a year, many years ago.

The power of practicing this constantly is immense and to get prolific in doing so, you want to test the different time scales to different situations to find out, which one fits best.

For example, if you are watching your progress from feeling miserable to feeling good, you are well advised to use a short period for your comparison Like what does feel a little bit better now, than a minute before.
If you are achieving goals in sports, with your body, it’s a great idea to use time periods longer than that, try a day, a week, a month.

Daily practicing is a requirement to reach true excellence in any field.

Now I have another question for you: If you look at all the symbols for success listed above, what is the one thing that all of them have in common?

Take some time and think about that.

Before I share my take on this with you, let me jump back and talk a bit about another piece of measurement. Your attention, your focus.

I could say: If you change your focus, you change everything. What makes shifting your attention at first consciously and then other-than-consciously to the progress you make, to the positive aspects of matter such a powerful tool, is that whatever there might be out there—and I’m a materialist, so what’s happening in the world around me is important to me—as soon as you change your focus, as soon as you shift your attention—you feel differently. And in doing so you not only enabled yourself to see more of the options available to you, you also have started to create more options for yourself. Some call this: you are in the driver’s seat of your own life.

Let me be very precise here: I don’t want you to believe me anything I say to you— want you to believe in yourself and to go out there and test this wonderful stuff I’m sharing with you. And yes, please come forward and share your own recipes, your formula to success with us. We’re all in this together! The better I feel, the better for you and the better you feel, the better for the wonderful universe, we are all part of. Yes, there is a connection between all of us.

And you probably have already noticed that I took you with me right into the middle of what success is all about for me:

Being successful equals feeling good.

There is no success, if you don’t feel good in achieving it. There are such things and they are not well. Not for the individual who does them nor for the world.
Money, health, big houses, fast cars, great relationships, wonderful homes and beautiful places to live in, fancy clothes, jewelry and assecoires all amount to nothing, if you don’t enjoy having them, wearing them, driving them, loving them.

That’s why I always talk about being emotionally successful. Because these words emphasize the feel good factor. It’s never the thing that makes you happy and once you are honest with yourself it’s never another person—it’s all about you!

You are the center of your universe and how good you treat yourself is the measure for how good you can treat everybody else.

This is why it’s so important to hold your positive focus—the material things come your way, the wonderful relationships come your way—that is only a matter of time, as soon as you are feeling good all or an ever increasing amount of the time of your life.

That means accepting somethings, which you can’t change and changing everything you can change to ensure you give yourself the best possible life!

I can make you emotionally successful! - Portrait of Tom Oberbichler

I can make you emotionally successful!

That means celebrating each good thing that’s happening to you. When somebody smiles at me I stop and smile back, when I meet a lovely creature like a bird I stop and savor the moment, when I achieve a goal, I stop to celebrate. I expect success and I’m always ready to party whenever we meet.

Cherish each wonderful moment, how „small“ the occasion may be—a sun ray that caresses you, a flower on the wall, a well-built machine, watch, all the things that many people mistook for success may serve you as an occasion to celebrate life and feel good—being emotionally successfully is so easy, once you made your choice.

be wonderful!

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