Writing is not always about getting a book out there and reaching your readers. Sometimes-to be honest-most of the time, writing is a form of you communicating with yourself. This can be healing and clearing experience and sometimes you end up with a blog post or the chapter of a new book you then share with others.

My friend and fellow NLP-trainer and author Katri Syverainen invites you to become a part of the Intuitive Writing Challenge. A process of self-development and growth, where you will be guided by her and have the possibility to exchange your views and experiences with others. I will take part myself and look forward to this great project!

Find the Flow of Life - Intuitive Writing Challenge

Here’s what Katri Syvärinen says about the Intuitive Writing Challenge:

Find the Flow of Life – Intuitive Writing Challenge is a two week journey where daily writing exercises will help you to learn more about your innerself. You will learn to use this amazing tool for exploring your soul, releasing your creativity and realising your potential.

The Intuitive Writing Challenge is organised online so you can join wherever you are, at the time of the day that suits best for you – and you can still feel the wonderful group energy in our portal.

In this writing challenge, daily exercises will:the theory modules of the intuitive writing challenge

  • help you to find the flow of life
  • give you new insights and self-knowledge
  • help you to reach your inner voice
  • offer you information on intuitive writing as a tool for spiritual growth and self-development
  • teach you how to make writing a habit you can use daily or whenever you need it

In this challenge you will write for yourself.

Each day you get a theme and questions concerning it. Themes vary from trust to presence and from intuition to dreams. Fifteen minutes of daily writing will be enough for you to feel the positive affect on your mind.

You may start to look at life from new perspective and find your genuine self better each day. As a positive side effect, intuitive writing increases creativity, and you can get rid of possible writer’s or creator’s block.

Katri Syvärinen, Author, Coach, NLP-TrainerFormer participants have noticed that they have become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, dreams and blocks between them and the dreams. Many people say this is a very empowering experience, which brings more gratitude and simplicity into thoughts and the whole life.

Theory modules are published: Monday April 7th

Challenge begins: Monday April 14th

Coach: Katri Syvärinen, Finland

Journalist/author, Licensed Trainer of NLP, coach for mental well-being


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See you at the intuitive writing challenge and

be wonderful!