Maybe you have heard or read different things about NLP, Hypnosis, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna …

Me, I had my first intensive contact with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis in 2008, when I started my first NLP Practitioner course in Vienna/Austria – as a delegate :). I was impressed and now, looking back, I ascertain that it changed my life.

Later on I realized that Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP is doing NLP Practitioner courses in London. When I first thought about going to London to experience Richard Bandler in person, many people warned me not to go, though.

The groups there are big, there are hundreds of delegates, its a mega-event, you won’t benefit personally. And people talked bad about Richard Bandler himself. ‘He is up to no good!“ they said.

Well, I have my own mind and Richard Bandler’s question: „How much pleasure can you stand?“ Really got me going and helped me to live an even better life.

I began listening to Richard Bandler’s audio and video series – and he blew my mind – I continued my NLP (trance) formation and now I’m a successful NLP trainer and  a coach for writers in my own rights.

Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna - Get the Life You Want - NLP and Hypnosis

Get the Life You Want – NLP and Hypnosis

An important step on this way was last year, when I decided to find out for myself – I booked the NLP Practitioner course in London with Richard Bandler – organized by Bernardo Moya’s NLP Life Training company.

What a great decision! I can compare it to the Grand Canyon – I had seen hundreds of pictures of it before I first went there – and the experience was so intense and wonderful – it was the whole package: Richard Bandler, John and Kathleen La Valle, the skillful and classy team of assistants, Geoff Rolls, Tina Taylor, Marc Innegraeve, Michele Paradise, June O’Driscoll, Aleksander Sinigoj and many others – all NLP Master Trainers themselves, the perfect organization and 200 inspired international delegates from all over the world – not only did I learn loads of things, I made many new friends.

Those 9 days of intense learning, laughing and feeling good (especially at the end) are still very present in my mind. I liked it so much that I became an affiliate with NLP Life Training. I love their events and I am proud to be associated with them.

So this year, when the opportunity presented itself to me to return to London for another event, where Bernardo Moya’s NLP Life Training brought Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, the two greatest hypnotists of our time, together on stage for the „Get the Life You Want“ event – I did not hesitate. It was clear for me that I will be part of this wonderful experience.

Since I had a pretty good idea what was waiting for me, my expectations where very high – and the event surpassed them by miles.

I don’t know where to start – Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna delivered so much, it’s incredible how much they managed to put into these two days of positive change!

They presented a very fun and effective mix of storytelling, hypnosis and exercises, focused on overcoming fear and hesitation, building optimism, motivation, setting goals and promoted the commitment to get the life you want.

More than 600 enthusiastic delegates from many different countries, a great location, well suited for the event, perfect organization and the wonderful city of London turned in this weekend into another highlight of my life.

This is what happened during the lunch break on day 2:


I loved the colorful mix – there where many people, who already did know NLP and hypnosis, who even practice or teach it themselves, together with people, who made first contact with this universe of joy and success – just wonderful!

The spirit of so many human beings together in the quest to get the life they want – with all their different and manifold questions, answers – were very special.

Not only did the world’s best hypnotists Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna give their very best on stage – the structure of the whole event is revolutionary and great – I could call the Get the Life You Want event a crash course to success and happiness, a NLP Practitioner course condensed into two spectacular days, filled with highlights.

And all us benefited greatly.

Of course – and this is valid for all courses and events – it’s your life, and you are responsible to apply all that you learn in your everyday life to make these changes stick and last.

I’ve been doing this for some years now and I highly recommend it! Life is wonderful, when you live it in the driving seat of your own life.

Chris Pape and Tom Oberbichler at the Get the Life You Want event in London

Chris Pape and Tom Oberbichler at Get the Life You Want!

I’m very grateful to Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna for sharing their knowledge and experience so freely, to Bernardo Moya, NLP Life Training and all the assistants and helpers, who gave their time, love and effort to make this such a great event!

If you were there, you are happy! If you missed out this time, be sure to experience one of these events in the near future!

The next wonderful opportunity is waiting for you in May 2013, when Richard Bandler and his team return to London for the next Licensed Practitioner of NLP in London – organized by NLP Life Training.
And: it’s hard to believe, but the early bird rate is at 50%, if you register until Oct 31st 2012!

Go for it! And Get the Life You Want!

be wonderful!