What a way to start the fantastic new year! My friend and colleague from Finland, Hannu Pirilä offers his new “Little Book of Personal Development, Success and Happiness” for free from Jan 03 – Jan 07 on Amazon.

As the title implies, this book discusses the significance of personal development as a key factor in success and happiness. The book is a sort of collection of the author’s most important and useful thoughts and ideas, which will help you to get new insights and make your life a little better and happier.

Get your copy now!

Get your copy now!

Since this book in intended to be as comprehensible and easy to read as possible, the author has tried to express his thoughts as compressed as possible. On one hand this means that many of the subjects are left without in-depth explanations or pondering, but on the other, it leaves space for you as a reader to form your own opinions on things and also gives you ideas and inspiration to go out and explore your own route on self development.

It is also important to understand that you will not be able to get the whole picture of what personal development really means by reading a book or taking a course on the subject. Personal development is a lifelong journey that requires constant studying and being open to new ideas and perceptions.

Therefore, if nothing else, it is the author’s hope that this little book will give you a little nudge to dig in deeper to find what you really want, your passion, and achieve the success and happiness that is out there waiting for you to achieve it.

The author, Hannu Pirilä, is the CEO and founder of HPA Consulting. Hannu has eMBA (executive Master of Business Administration) and BSc decrees and he is an Accredited Associate and Business Adviser of the IIB (Institute for Independent Business International). Hannu is also a Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP®, Licensed NLP CoachTM, Licensed Sports Performance CoachTM, Licensed Business Practitioner of NLPTM, Specialist Practitioner of Neuro-Hypnotic RepatterningTM and Licensed LAB ProfileTM Practitioner.

Portrait of Hannu Pirilä, Author, Business Consultant, Business Coach, NLP-Trainer

Hannu Pirilä, Author, Business Consultant, Business Coach, NLP-Trainer

Hannu works as a Business Consultant and Business Coach, as well as an NLP Trainer, NLP Coach, a speaker in seminars and other events and as a Mental Sports Coach. In business world, Hannu has consulted both entrepreneurs and publicly listed corporations. In the world of sports, Hannu has acted as a mental coach for junior basketball teams as well as professional soccer players, for amateur tennis players as well as for an MMA World Champion. In addition to the above, Hannu has, among other things, helped a number of people with things like getting rid of a fear of flying, stop smoking, lose weight, and to make other remarkable changes to improve the qualities of their lives. In short, Hannu is one of the leading Personal Development and NLP Coaches in Finland.

Hannu has studied under the world famous masters of personal development, like Dr. Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Bill Harris and Bob Proctor, and he has also created his own online personal development program, The Road to Success and Happiness.

Thank you for sharing your book with us, Hannu!

be wonderful!

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