There are countless rumors and myths circulating in the web about what effects cause a rise and fall of a book in Amazon different rankings and lists and what causes an eBook to be featured in any form of Amazon’s recommendations.

Some of them are based on personal experiences, some on hearsay and most of them were mere speculations.

That’s were David Graughan’s new eBook „Let’s Get Visible!“ comes in really handy, because he sheds light into the dark and gives a detailed view on how Amazon’s algorithms do truly work.

Cover Let's Get Visible!

Let’s Get Visible!

All the helpful promotional tools Amazon holds in store for eBooks it wants to promote to its customers, like Best Seller Lists, Popularity, Hot New Releases, Mailings, Also Bought, … are explained – you learn on what basis Amazon calculates them and what you can do for you book to benefit from them.

Then you get tips and tools for enhance your Free Promos, how to use Reduced Price Promotion which advertising is promising and more.

What effect does a free download have on an eBook’s sales and popularity rank is also answered.

This is how to book is not for beginners, it’s perfect for you, if you already have some ebooks published and want to enhance their performance.

A clear recommendation from me!

Click here to get „Let’s Get Visible!“ on!

Click here to get „Let’s Get Visible!“ on!

Click here to get „Let’s Get Visible!“ on!

And once more you find that it’s not hard at all to be an independent writer, a self-publishing author! 🙂

be wonderful!