Life is not about rules, life is about making good choices.

Have you realized, yet that your body and your relationship with it forms an important part of your life?

Let me tell you that there are people out there who treat their body really bad, if I wanted to be drastic, I could say: They treat their body like shit. But I wouldn’t write something as rude as that.

Some people do get really creative in the ways they misuse and mistreat their body. Eating junk food – if the food you eat is junk, what are you? Because you know: what you eat becomes part of you, or you become what you eat, or you are what you ate before. Drinking sugar bombs and other poisonous drinks – if you pour dilated sugar or artificial sweetener into yourself all day, what does that make you? Sweet? I don’t think so. Sick? Definitely, its only a question of time. Starving voluntarily – yes, there are people out there, who think that not-eating is the answer for them. Well an answer it is, a deadly one. Smoking – still the suicide method of choice for millions of people. Yeah, I know, it takes a while.

Some years back I was working with an ambulance organization, doing voluntary work in my free time. This lead to many really impressive experiences. One that often comes to my mind is a man – I’m sure, he’s dead by now – who was in his late sixties. He carried a bottle of oxygen with him, which he needed to make it even to his fridge. He was in a wheelchair, because his left leg was amputated just below the knee, his right foot was amputated halfway up his foot. And he was still smoking.

Drinking alcohol – another way to slowly kill a human being – with alcohol it starts with the brain. Alcohol makes human brains slow. Then the body kicks in, getting fat and ugly.

Not exercising – you got muscles to use them (just like your brain) and what you do with your body determines the kind of body you get (just like your brain).

So now you are disgusted.

Do you see it only in others, or have you realized, yet that there are many ways in which you could enhance your relationship with your body?

I could ask you: Do you like your body? Do you love your body? Do you treat your body really well?

And this is no time for half-way answers.

I know there are many different concepts of life out there. Some people believe that they have many lifes, some people think that this is not life, they believe that they have to die first, to begin real life (which explains a lot of things, but this doesn’t help a lot).

Well, I’m not sure about that and to be honest, I don’t really care.

What I do know is that I am here and this one life I’m living now is what I got. And I, for my part, am determined to make the best out of what I got!

Here I have some basic information for you:

A cat hanging out and relaxing

Relax and treat yourself well – you’re worth it!

Your body is not a machine you buy for using it some years and then replace it with a new one, like a car.

Your brain is part of your body. That is to say, you think with your body.

Your feelings are the result of chemical and electrical processes within your body. That is to say, you feel with your body.

I know, its a long story and generation after generation of human beings on this planet have created many, sometimes very creative smoke screens separating the body from the mind. And I guess it is fair to say, that most people get confronted with one or more of these theories, sometimes in a subtle way, sometimes very open and direct. Religions are very apt to do such things.

Now I’m not going to say: This is all rubbish! And still let’s assume for the moment that now – and all I’m talking about is now, thus creating your future on the basis of your past – the both of you – your body and your mind are in this together.

Once you are honest to yourself, you know that there is a lot of value and truth to the old saying: A healthy and happy mind and a healthy and happy body go together well.

So, have you realized, yet that how you treat your body not only reflects in your quality of life, but is one of the most important parts of a high quality of life.

Maybe some of you will be disappointed with me now. I don’t live with many rules, actually what I have liked best about rules all my life is breaking them. That’s fun! That means, I won’t tell you: start living smoke-free, start living alcohol-free, start drinking plain water, start eating food that’s good for you. You won’t hear from me: Don’t eat meat, don’t do this, don’t do that.

My way is a way of many options and making good choices.

I could say now, everything is OK, if you are clear about the consequences of your own actions. You always have to live up to them, that’s a fact.

Its never too late – that’s good news for all of us. It doesn’t matter, how old you are, it doesn’t matter how long you have been doing what. One of the miracles of human beings that keep impressing me deeply all the time is how much we can take. Your resilience is amazing!

What really matters is that you take a decision now! The decision to accept yourself in all your totality, to include your body in your conscious and other-than-consciously identity. The decision to use each and every day to improve on all levels.

Another advantage in working with your body is that it is so easy and success comes so fast!

Here I’ll share some of my experiences with you that help me to have a wonderful body and to love myself as a whole person:

Let’s keep it short and simple: Drink more plain water. Do it regularly and often. Do it before you eat. Find out, if you are really hungry, by having a glass of water first.

Take your time to eat! Sit down and reserve quality time for your eating.

Choose a balanced diet. That is to say mix it up. Eat different colors, different types of vegetables, different kinds of carbohydrates.

Think well before eating meat.

Think well before eating fish.

Replace eating candies and other sugar bombs with treating you to a nice walk, taking some quality time for yourself.

This goes for all the food you decide to make part of you: Where does it come from? What is in it? What is it made out of? What are the conditions under which it was produced?

Refrain from eating pre-fabricated food.

Cook for yourself as often as possible.

Find out, which food you really like – and here I’m not talking about what you are used to eat.

Eat one plate and stop there.

One thing I often ask people to do is: Watch the complete movie. From the beginning to the end. Whenever you take a decision, you want to have all the information. Not only, what it feels like, when you put it in your mouth.

A sunset over Vienna, featuring St. Stevens

For all its a wonderful source of energy

And I’m sure, you’re already aware of this: whatever you have done up to now is in the past and it is all well. Life is not about dwelling over the past, you can change your past anytime – I’ll talk about that in another post.

Life is about accepting your past, taking good decisions in the present and enjoying your wonderful future.

I think its a fundamental human right to step naked in front of a mirror and to say to yourself: I am beautiful, I love my body, I love myself – and I treat myself accordingly.

Yes, I choose well, what I eat.

Yes, I love my perfect body.

Yes, I have accepted my past.

Yes, I am living and loving today in the present.

Yes, I create and shape my future in a positive and productive way.

Do you know, what’s the best news? Its all in your hands! You do not need anybody else, to do this. You have all the resources you need in you.

Yeah there are many competent and caring persons out there that support and help you in achieving your goals. And once, you made your choice to use and live the wonderful life, you are entitled to, because you were born, you can make full use of them.

be wonderful!

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be wonderful!