Have you ever considered writing a book? I mean, have you just thought about it? Or did you actually try do it? Or have you done it, yet? And, if writing isn’t your thing, yet, would you be willing to pick another topic and view writing as a model?

Let me be honest with you: if you had told me a year ago, what I’m going to tell you now, I wouldn’t have believed you. Maybe I’d have said: „Yeah, yeah – this might work for you, but let’s be realistic: this is just a dream.“

Yes, I admit that while I always loved to write, I also held the firm belief that writing a book is difficult and hard and the easy part of creating a book at the same time.

Because after the writing, there – so I thought – comes the really difficult part: getting the written book published and then bought was to be really hard.

The biggest obstacle, I saw in my way was finding a publishing house who accepts me. OK, it was more like: I was hoping to be found by a publishing house.

And even then … From all I heard, even authors who found or were found by a publishing house didn’t make that much money with their books – unless they sold millions of books.

Still I loved writing and I got really fed up with just pondering how difficult it was and not doing nothing about it. That definitively was not the way I see myself as an active, positive and productive person …

And here I was, waiting to be discovered by somebody else.
And here I was, constructing scenarios that got more and more difficult.

In the back of my head, there was this nagging voice telling me: „no, no, no way …“
I saw myself talking to agents, publishers … and being rejected.
I felt outright awful.

These are situations where it comes in really handy to apply NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and self hypnosis.

First I changed the voice, made it into a soft, teasing and sexy voice with a cool timbre.
Then I changed the pictures, I see myself in a future, where I have achieved my goals, I see the bestseller list with my name on top, see my account balance moving up and up and up …

I could say to you that I was surprised how fast my feelings changed to the better after this little big processes, but then you’d know that wouldn’t be true – I know: its easy to change states and it works fast.

From here I continued with looking clearly at my present situation.

Here I was, full of ideas, full of knowledge and insights, full of experiences and ready to share them with others, with the world.

Writing is a way to express yourself and to offer your view of the world to other people, to get their feedback and to keep progressing.

So, even, if should be very hard to get out a book, are there other ways to start writing now, was one of the questions, I asked myself.

My solution was to start writing a blog.

To be precise, writing a blog was more than one solution.

Its free – I personally like wordpress and there are other providers about.
It got me writing regularly – I’m publishing a new post every Tuesday.
People come, read what I write, comment on it and share it.

So all the sudden I realized one day that I had become a writer, without being consciously aware of the fact before.

And to be honest, the road was all downhill ever since. 🙂

Yes, there are a few bumps in the road and now and then you have navigate some rapids and taking decisions is always an important part of your life.

Did you ever answer the question: „How do you eat an elephant for breakfast?“ The veggies among you: please imagine a giant walnut, the size of an elephant.

There came a point after writing my blog for some months, when I noticed: Oh I have written a book – one in small pieces that is to say.

And what seemed hard had become as easy as it always had been – what had changed was my perspective of things.

In case you’re wondering: I still didn’t see a chance in the world, how I could use this to generate an income for me.

So what I did was: take the next step.

I processed my blog posts into a free ebook, I just wrote an Open Office file and saved it as pdf file … and here it was my first book.

And the combination of having it written and giving it away as a gift to others created a cloud of fantastic and wonderful feelings – I myself right in the middle of it.

One piece after the other. That’s a good answer, as good as one step after the other leads you to your loftiest goals.

take the plane to reach your bright future

Your future is bright and ahead of you

I’ m a curious man, always on the look out for ways to improve my life and the world in general.

I love sharing information and support, so I spent and spend quite some time in manifold online groups and forums.

At first I followed the discussions, then I started asking my own questions and a lot faster than I could have imagined in my dreams I found out: writing and publishing an ebook is really easy and profitable.

The technical obstacles I met, I solved with the advise of other independent writers and the SIGIL walkthrough, which I finished translating into English last week.

You decide on your direction in life.

You set yourself specific goals.

You see the positive outcome.

You take action and get going.

Writing is easy for me, because it became a habit and one that I really like.

Publishing is easy, and the services Amazon offers to independent writers are that good that now I’m proud to be an independent author – and to be true: I don’t want to share my accomplishments with any publishing house.

And guess what: I’m still blogging and writing books 🙂

English as language is quite new though (for me writing in public), I started blogging in English in July and I published my first ebook in English last Friday.

And, yes, I’d love you to check it out and let me know in which way it was entertaining and helpful to you!

be wonderful! Being Emotionally Successful with Applied NLP is its title and being emotionally successful is what this blog and life in general is all about.
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In the moment you were born your earned your title to a wonderful life – go out and get it now!

And: it is easy to be an independent writer and it feels fantastic!!!

be wonderful!

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