Ebooks are booming. The number of people who make use of the sheer infinite possibilities and opportunities the digital revolution in publishing has opened up for independent and self-publishing authors is increasing on a daily basis.

There are literally millions of book out there.

Some of them are great books, some of them good books, some of them are so-so books and some of them are pretty awful.

So the task you face as an independent and self-publishing author and writer today—if you want to be successful with your books—is: How do I make my book stand out among the many books out there?

You have to deliver a high quality book.

Cover Secrets to Success in Writing and Self-Publishing: How to have lasting and sustainable success as an author and writer

Secrets to Success in Writing and Self-Publishing

This starts with an interesting content presented in a well written form—be it fiction or non-fiction.

Then you need a professional editor to go over your book to help you make it even better. And this person is not you. You need somebody else to do this part and I strongly suggest that you employ a professional editor.

Then you need a good cover, if your resources allow you to do so, get the help of a pro here as well.

Now you’re all set, aren’t you?

No, there still is professional formatting to be done. I personally use the Sigil freeware in combination with Calibre, some people swear to Scrivener (paid software) or Word.

Now quite a few people follow this path so far and this is a good thing. So you are prepared to win, you are prepared for success.

And then I notice on and on again that people TRY to take a shortcut from here.

They think they got it all together and then they write a killer description for their book to sell well and upload it to Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

… without getting their book description edited, some even change the title (after a very useful keyword research) and don’t have it edited either.

Then they upload the files, start a free promo and ask people for reviews.

Some of them are lucky and everything is all right.

Some of them not.

Some authors end up with a good book, well formatted and edited, an attractive cover, title and book description … full of typos, grammatical errors and such.

What a shame!

And believe me: People do notice errors, if there are any and if there are many or blatant ones in the title, book description or on the first pages … the door is open for very direct feedback and you won’t like it.

One would think that this is very obvious: The last thing you have your editor look at is your book description and your title (if you changed it). Then you upload the files and hit “publish”!

So you make sure, that you make full use of your quality work and all the effort you put into your book.

The race is not finished, before you have successfully crossed the finish line and your time has officially been taken.

To our success!
be wonderful!


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