Two obstacles many writers and authors encounter on their way to success are: How to deal with the feedback you get for your writing—and that means external AND internal feedback—and how to overcome perfectionism and procrastination.

I had the great pleasure to talk with Cathy Presland, entrepeneur, business and writing coach, about the emotional side of being successful as an author, as a writer.

Cover Bad Reviews: How to Make Good Use of Feedback

Bad Reviews: How to Make Good Use of Feedback

We originally recorded this interview for Cathy’s fantastic video course Publish Your Book on Kindle. This is a great feature, which I have tested personally and I recommend it to you, when you are looking for a step-by-step guide to take you through the writing, formatting and publishing process for Amazon’s Kindleshop.

Cathy now made the recording of our conversation available on her blog The Big Book Project, so you can just hop over and listen in!

Be prepared to start writing immediately, after having listened, because you will bristle with confidence and motivation! 🙂

be wonderful!

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