Whether you are consciously aware of it, yet, or not:

Each and every day you get to make your choices – are you focussing on the good side of things – thus creating good feelings for yourself, yet, or were you still giving your attention to the bad side of things – thus creating bad feelings …

This seems to be an easy choice and, indeed, it is!

You will have noticed that your life has already started to feel a whole lot better, once you took your decision for the good feelings. And I’m sure you also are aware that more good things have been coming into your life, since you took that great decision!

It is very important that you choose the circumstances, the people and the job in your life that do enable you to make this choice for the good feelings easily – and you see that these circumstances, the people you are with, and the job you do, improve together with your feelings!

One thing that may have surprised you or not is that the more often you chose the good feelings, the easier it got!

Make your choice for your good feelings now!



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