A snapshot after one year of writing and publishing

Can you successfully plan to succeed as an author, as a writer?

Some people ask themselves this question and others might even ask, if this is something to strive for.

People are manifold and different and so are their concepts and meanings for success.

Some people may be irritated by this—I like it!

As it has become so easy today to write a book and publish it as eBook and paperback, a success is guaranteed, as soon as you commit yourself to writing and publishing a book.

And this success is a great one!

Cover Secrets to Success in Writing and Self-Publishing: How to have lasting and sustainable success as an author and writer

Secrets to Success in Writing and Self-Publishing

The feeling of joy, happiness and pride in yourself you feel in the moment, when you see your ebook up there on Amazon for the first time, when you download it to your Kindle and hold the first hard copy in you hands is just magnificent!

Here I mean even more, when I talk about success as an author and writer.

To the fact that you succeed to publish your own thoughts, I add that many other people read them in your eBooks and paperbacks – and before that, they have bought it.

While I won’t promise you to make Millions in a day without working hard to get it—I seriously don’t believe that’s possible—I talk about reaching many people and to earn good money in doing so. I already talked about this in How Long Does It Take to Be Successful as an Author, a Writer?.

I write because I love to write and I am delighted that I even get paid for doing it. Thank you!

Back to the starting question: How do I plan my success as an author, as a writer and enjoy doing it?

I don’t want to just share my thoughts with you, I share my experiences and give you specific numbers.

I published my fist book through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) on 31 May 2012 and it went live the following day. Now, a year later, I have 9 books published as eBook (six of them in German and three in English)—6 of them are also available as paperback. I sold about 2.500 books, 1.300 of them in the last two months. The sales continued to rise slowly and start to gather real momentum in December 2012 when the publishing of my fifth book coiniced with the Xmas sales peek. I could add that each book pays roughly a royalty of € 2,- to 2,50 ($ 2.50 – 3,00) and you see that you can make money with writing and publishing books.

Did this happen by chance?

As a matter of fact I do know ingredients to success and I keep learning to know more and more of them—and I’m here to share them with you:

1 You need a high quality book—content, title, cover, description, formatting have to be good and free of errors.

2 You need more than one book—successful authors and writers keep creating and producing new books constantly.

3 You may learn the rules and algorithms of Amazon. I read regularly the advice books and blogs of successful authors and writers and take from their concepts, what suits me, translate it into my world and apply it my way.

4 You may be in an open exchange in the spirit of solidarity with fellow authors and writers—together we stand strong. I benefit a lot from what I learn from others and give back freely.

5 You may test, test, test. Not everything at the same time, but one after the other. A new cover and two weeks of testing, a new description and two weeks of testing, a new title and two weeks of testing, a new price and two weeks of testing, … This way you learn the trade.

6 You may use and apply keyword research for your title and description—what do people look for on Amazon and Google?

7 You may observe the market. Which books, with which covers, titles, descriptions are top on Amazon, in your categories?

8 You may write and write and write …

9 You may network. No, I don’t mean trying to sell your books constantly to your network, I mean talking to an with other people, contributing content.

10 You may choose the categories for your book wisely and change them whenever needed.

11 You may write about topics, you care about, you like or even love to write about, where you have competence and which other people want to read about.

12 You may write a blog, where you keep producing and offering free surplus value for your readers.

13 You may use and apply all marketing tools that are available to you, especially to create the so important momentum at your book launches: Video, bog, social media, press releases, …

14 You may give yourself time. A year is a good period of time in my experience, if you start from scratch. The more resources you already have in place, the better for you. (Money, mailing lists, written material, …) If your success comes even faster, I am happy for you!

15 As soon as you have published one book, you may start writing the next one. Thus you putting one layer over the other and build your success.

16 You may cherish all your successes! Share your joy and happiness and increase them so … and: Success sells!

17 You may accept what you perceive to be setbacks and keep going.

18 You may accept constructive feedback and use it to optimize your work.

19 While you keep dreaming about that number one overall on Amazon, rest assured that with three books in top 1.000 of Amazon.de or the top 10.000 on Amazon.com you can generate an income of about € 2.000,– ($ 2.500,–) a month regularly.

20 Pay attention to your success. If something does not work, change something, when something works, keep doing it and do even more of it. (That’s why my main focus is on the German book market, because while it’s substantially smaller than the US market, I personally sell more books there.)

21 You may set yourself specific and tangible goals.

22 You may do a daily sales statistics and include important facts (new cover, new price, …)

23 You may give your readers a break with your prices. € 2,70 – 4,99 ($ 2,99 – 5.99) depending on the volume, your genre and how famous you already are.

24 You may start and cherish your email list to enter into direct contact with your readers.

25 You may make use of all the technical possibilities that are available to you,for example you may enhance your book description on Amazon with HTML.

26 You may keep learning and developing

This list is not complete and I put the points together associatively. Number one is first on purpose:

1 You need a high quality book—content, title, cover, description, formatting have to be good and free of errors.

My list keeps growing, because I keep receiving feedback from the world and learn all the time. Living is learning and life is change.

I am delighted that I am an successful author and say thank you to all the people who support me: my readers, my teachers, my friends and our whole wonderful universe!

On 1 June, 2012 my first book went live on Amazon, so to me all of June 2013 is a month of festivity and celebration— and have a lot of ideas for presents, which I will give to you.

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And to get back to the first question:

Yes, of course you can plan your success as an author, a writer!