NLP Seminars

The NLP seminars and workshops we recommend and promote are organized by NLPLifetraining, based in London, UK.

Certified by the Society of NLP – Richard Bandler

We have both trained with them ourselves and appreciate the high quality of the services NLPLifetraining and its employees offer to the participants of their NLP workshops.
You can always expect the best with them.

In the NLP workshops Richard Bandler does for NLPLifetraining, he is supported by a staff of international NLP Master Trainers.

Train with Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP!

A NLP workshop or seminar, be it on a specific topic or even a Licensed Practitioner of NLP or Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP training can change your life within a very short time span.

Two days with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna in London that can help you to get the life you want!

Licensed Practioner of NLP

The NLP-Practitioner-Training with certification by the Society of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler is your first step into a new life!

Being a NLP-Practitioner you notice how much your personal relationships, your career and your well-being have improved.

In our NLP-Practitioner-Training we put a strong emphasis on language (the L in NLP), we work actively changing and creating neuronal pathways (the N in NLP) and program a more appropriate and successful behaviour (the P in NLP).
Our NLP-PractitionerTrainings are feedback-orientated. That is to say, we support our participants in their individual development and adjust the training to their specific needs.

What exactly success means for you, is something only you yourself determine. You realize everything that became possible and achievable for you, by taking control and accepting responsability for your own feelings.

The model on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is perfectly suited for goal-setting and goal-achieving in all aspects of your life.

As a NLP-Practitioner you are communicating on a new, higher level in all areas.
Get ready for the take off!

be wonderful!

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP

Take your NLP-Practitioner skills to the next level in this powerful course with Richard Bandler, co-creator and developer of NLP.

We are proud do be affiliates of NLPLifetraining.