Or: Life is full of surprises: If you start boxing, you might get hit.

Did you ever experience pain? I mean real pain, bodily pain?

To me one thing that is really fascinating about pain is how intense this feeling can get. All by itself – it seems.

Here’s the moment for me to tell you that I’m no physician, I won’t tell you: I am a healer! I personally don’t go to a physician often and I am well aware that there are situations, where this might be your best choice.

And, yes, I know how to deal with pain. I work with myself and here I am, sharing my experiences with you.

Now, for the sake of your perfect health and well-being, let’s assume, you did experience some pain at a given moment in your life.

And let’s say you remember such a situation for the last time and let yourself surprise you now.

One thing that strikes me as odd is that there are so many variations in describing pain. And some people tended to get really drastic in describing this feeling. Cuts like a knife, burns like fire, a dull, hideous pounding, …
I’m not sure, if there is any other feeling that comes with as many details and in so many variations.

Now here’s the first piece of information I could pass on to you: Pain is a feedback from your other-than-conscious mind through your body.

And the message is simple and clear.

There are so many different settings that may lead to the perception of pain and the most authentic way is to use one, I know from first hand.

You may have realized it, yet – to me physical fitness and bodily health and vitality form an important part of self-improvement the way I look at and practice it.

So I exercise 5 to 6 times a week and I like to vary the exercises, I love running, swimming, cycling, mouldering … and I started boxing – accidentally.

I love the training in a wonderful group and watching my body grow stronger. And then I became the chance to realize that, if you start boxing, you might get hit and, what seems even more important at the moment: if you get hit, it might hurt. – Or should I say: it does hurt? No, I say: it did hurt.

I will spare you the details, they are not that thrilling. May it suffice to say: I gave myself the opportunity to write a blog post on pain – using first hand experience.

A group of Pasque Flowers, some in focus, some out of focus

As soon as you change your focus, you change everything!

Now lets take some steps back.

When I said: Pain is feedback from your other-than-conscious mind through your body, that means on the one hand that the other-than-conscious part of your mind has a direct connection with your body. It controls all the important stuff.

So whats the message?

Change something! Do something differently!

Yes, it is as easy as that. And what’s most fascinating about it – for me – is the fact, that this applies to small stuff as well as to let’s say a broken bone or a headache.

In my example one step was easy: I stopped fighting and did not get hit anymore.

But then the interesting part began. With all my knowledge and experience I started observing myself in this, then, unpleasant situation.

I started with noticing how I did pain.
I’m not sure, if this will surprise you: I did it a lot with my internal dialogue. I went in circles, looking for somebody to blame for my actions – no need to tell you that I found many culprits. And let me tell you that with each new culprit, I restarted the circle of pain I was in again and again.

The first real improvement came, when I finally ended up with reclaiming and accepting full responsibility for my life and actions.

Here is the point, where I have to admit to you: I do not like pain. I don’t like to watch other people in pain and I certainly do not like to feel pain in my own body.

One advantage I have is that I work with myself all the time – consciously and other-than-consciously, I spend quite some time in deeply relaxed states each and every day. I have a pretty good idea of „How I do things.“
And I know where to find supportive resources. This time I listened to healing trances by Patrick Porter in the Neurowave Lifestylecenter.

It works wonders for me to visualize this healing energy – I love to take it direct from the sun and see it in golden color – floating through my body, caressing and cleaning it simultaneously.

So maybe you thought that it was obvious to stop fighting, once I felt strong pain. Let me tell you – and I’m not talking about you! I’m talking about those other people out there – you might be amazed at the stuff some of them kept doing in spite of hurting really bad, sometime for years and years.

What works really well for me is to change my internal dialogue, the way I talk to myself in my head. I switched to a gentle, supportive and loving voice and congratulated myself on stopping in time, before it got really bad. I told myself: „You are a good and fast healer“ „I recover quickly.“ And many more positive sentences like that.

Then I changed the movie I was watching. From revenge scenes, where I got back at my training partner, I switched to movies of myself, feeling perfectly well in and with my body, running and breathing freely.

And I’m not sure, if you have realized this, yet: You feel completely different. I do not say: The pain has gone away completely or the pain has lost a lot of intensity. I just say: you feel completely different.

By actively choosing, what you think, you influence and change your feelings – and then your actions – in my world that’s how you create reality with your thoughts.

I’m not sure, when exactly I started to see the funny side of all of this, but I did and this always helps a lot. Just float outside of yourself and watch yourself doing what you do changes the whole perspective of everything.

Now this is the basis of what comes now.

I shift my attention to parts of my body that actually feel good. Firstly I ask myself: „Which part of your body feels best right now?“ And, yes, I really go into the details answering this question! A great magic for me is to compare the other half. That is to say, if my left ribcage should have hurt, I focus on my right ribcage. If I know that a certain movement could possibly hurt, I shift my attention to a part of my body that is already working perfectly and expect the good feelings from there. Yes, I do that very often and then I transfer this information to the part of my body that used to be hurting.

And you notice. You feel differently.

One technique I learned in doing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is to locate where a feeling starts and where it moves to. And then I start altering it with respect to speed, direction and movement. For me this works great with stuff as headache, toothache. You benefit greatly by using this.

I am sure you have already realized it: when you follow me through this tale, you are constantly actively dealing with the stuff that happened and happens to you. You are no victim, you are the hero, the heroine in your own story = life.

The flower of a pink Hibiscus

Life is all about feeling good, being wonderful and living to your potential!

And I keep talking to myself all the time (almost). I ask myself: „What does feel better now, than the moment before?“ „What possibilities do I have to do something, so that I will feel even better?“
And there is this mantra: „I am a good and fast healer. You heal perfectly.“ „I love my body.“ – Can’t here that one to often.

In all this I set myself specific goals. Like I heal perfectly. I regain all my vitality and enjoy my bodily experience. I’m feeling perfectly well and healthy, when I wake up in the morning.

The more I do all this, the better I feel – even now, while I’m writing these words to you: I feel better than half an hour ago!

Another great thing about being active and doing something to make me feel better is that non only the pain diminishes all the time, but also I got really fast to the point where I was open for the lesson I learned.

Life is all about feeling good, being wonderful and living to your potential. You are worth all the time, all the effort, you are the center of your universe.
So choose wisely what you spend your time, energy, strength and feeling on and you reward yourself with the wonderful life you are entitled to since you were born!

be wonderful!

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