Once upon a time it used to be difficult to publish books. So they say.

Can you believe that?

It seems to me that all the possibilities and opportunities waiting out there for you have been there for ever.

The same is true for so many wonderful tools and techniques that we naturally use and expect to be available for us any time now: mobile phones, internet, amazon, Google

Take a closer look and you realize that those things are available since about 2 decades – not that long a time.

And they keep coming.

Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is open for independent authors for only a couple of years – in Europe since last year. And what a difference does it make!!!

Do you remember the times, when most people thought that you either write for fun or get a job?

Do you remember the times, when most people thought that you had to overcome lots of difficulties to become a successful, best-selling author?

Do you want to imagine what it feels like to write and publish best-selling books?

With ebooks it’s really easy nowadays! Have another look at my article How hard is to be an independent writer and the free SIGIL walkthrough – how to create your ebook.

Ebooks are an opportunity waiting out there for you to get those thoughts from inside your mind into a written text.

And you don’t need to make any additional financial investment to do it – it’s all been prepared for you.

Now maybe you’re already aware that the ebook market is overtaking the traditional book market. It’s more or less done in the USA and will be done soon in Europe.

Still, there are people about that love to hold a printed book in their hands – and let’s be honest: It’s a great feeling to hold your own book in your hands!

Tom Oberbichler with a hard copy of be wonderful how to be emotionally successful with applied NLP CreateSpace

Yes, it feels great to hold your book in your hands!

So, why not give it to them?

In my post Print on Demand with Amazon’s CreateSpace – how I got my first book published in hard copy – independent publishing in the 21st century I showed you how easy it is.

And I like the fact that Print on Demand is a sustainable and ecological approach to publishing hard copies. No more waste of resources

I’m writing about my own experiences and the experiences of my coachees and trainees – and I love to tell you: Not only does it feel good to get your book published as hard copy, this is a great way to make some good money, doing what you love to do. To me that’s a perfect definition of success.

Let me point out some facts regarding Amazon’s Print on Demand service CreateSpace:


1 you can leave your ebook with Amazon’s KDP Select Program, still using all it’s benefits and create an additional sales channel (KDP Select is about ebooks only)

2 when you generate sales through the CreateSpace-website of your book direct your commission is fantastic (this page is automatically generated for you by CreateSpace as soon as you publish your book)

3 when selling directly through the CreateSpace-website of your book you can easily create discount codes for people who want to resell your book, as a goodie for your subscribers, …

4 when you have your book published as ebook and as hard copy, Amazon links them together automatically (you have to use exactly the same title) and so every potential reader gets offered the other product as well, your book starts selling itself.

5 when you have published your book via CreateSpace you can order copies of it yourself, start public reading, book signing with your printed book – that works wonderfully for your sales and your state as a writer.

An example for the financial opportunities on CreateSpace

Check out what a hard copy of your book can do for you – CreateSpace

I love it!

It feels good. It’s fun. It creates opportunities. It makes me money. I love doing it.

That’s what I call living and writing the wonderful way!

Let me know when you start publishing.

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be wonderful!


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