Self Mastery Technology

Brain Fitness with Zero-Conscious Effort!

While most brain fitness systems strive to exercise the brain with puzzles and games, the Self-Mastery-Technology experience works on your unconscious mind to produce the maximum results. You simply close your eyes, listen and relax. The Neuro-Sensory Algorithms do the rest. You are quickly guided into the most desirable mental state, a virtual oasis for your mind.

The result is less stress, better sleep and a brain optimized for peak performance. It’s the most advanced brain training system in the world . . . now available to everyone!

Train your brain and relax

And with hundreds of Strategic Mind Messaging™ audio sessions to choose from, there’s simply no limit to how good you can feel and what you can achieve.

If you want to get more done in less time while feeling more vibrant and alive, the Neurowave Lifestylecenter Mind Library subscription is for you!

Specially tuned pulses of sound optimize your brainwave frequencies and naturally shift your mind into the ideal state for relaxation, rejuvenation, brain fitness and recuperative sleep …

Strategic Mind Messaging™ audio-sessions, recorded by your brain training coach Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., Tom Oberbichler and other experts in empowerment and self-help guide you to achieve your loftiest goals …

A profound meditative state—formerly the exclusive domain of Zen masters—calms the mind and produces the healthy neuro-chemistry that enhances focus, learning, achievement, and healing.

So train your brain, while you relax …these are NeuroSensory Algorithms for your BrainFitness!

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