There are these days. I could say: everybody knows them, but that would be generalizing, so let me just say: most people know those days, when not everything works out. Maybe you’d like to say: nothing works out. You just felt bad. The people I’m talking about, know what I mean. I’m not talking about receiving bad news and reacting to them. Its those moments, where you don’t know why, you just realized that you didn’t feel too well.

I can imagine that you already know: not only is this feeling inside you, it was you who created the feeling.

I and my friends and colleagues found out ways: how you change your feelings.

I am very grateful that my dear friends, The English sisters, made a short entrancing and enchanting video for this week’s weekly Tuesday bewonderfulnow blog post, showing you how to change your mood by installing a mood alarm in your mind.

Have a look, enjoy the video and have fun with your mood alarm:


Find out more abut The English Sisters’, who live in sunny Rome, Italy, and their hypnotic change work at:

Here you can watch The English Sisters’ fantastic chat views on YouTube.

And here you find their wonderful book Entrancing Tales for Change with Hypnosis and NLP on and on