For me the winter solstice is the most important date in December and a cause for intense and joyful celebration.

The winter solstice turns the tide of the year, no longer shorten the days with each and every morning, no longer hides the sun longer and longer, closer come the days the spring, while winter is still reigning with all its might.

Some may say it’s just one more metaphor, proving that life is good and that the good will always prevail in the long run which is sooner rather than later.

The winter solstice represents the infinite and everlasting principle of hope that proves to you – year after year – that every down is followed by a certain up, while at the same time the winter solstice is a proof for the truth that everything has at least two sides, and that your perspective changes everything. Because, while all folks in the northern hemisphere rejoice in the coming of this festive day, in the southern hemisphere this date in December has a totally different meaning and effect in the course of each year.

A wonderful morning view over Lake Geneva on the day of winter solstice

A wonderful morning view over Lake Geneva on the day of winter solstice

So what has all this to do with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Shamanism?

With respect to NLP, which in my terms is the science of feeling good and achieving positive and productive results, this is quickly said: Nature’s beginning circle of growth, symbolized and foretold by the winter solstice, is a wonderful time and mode for human beings to excel and prosper.

Which of course is a wonderful reason to rejoice, to celebrate and to feel good, knowing that, what ever may come my way, I’ll always be victorious, I’ll always pull through and get the life I want.

Naturally the techniques and views of NLP can be applied at any time of the year and it’s a very good idea to do so freely.

Rest assured, once you’ve learned them on the other-than-conscious level of your mind, you do this automatically and immediately.

And one of the fundamental laws and principles not only of NLP, but of life itself, is: You accept and use every opportunity to feel even better – sometimes just a little bit at a time, sometimes a whole lot. So it seems to be pretty obvious to use the wonderful event of the winter solstice for ample use and application of NLP.

Richard Bandler, co-creator and developer of NLP, asks: „How much pleasure can you stand?“ Well, let me tell you that this question was what drew me to NLP in the beginning, and the winter solstice is an excellent opportunity to put your ability to stand and enjoy pleasure to another test.

Maybe it already is naturally for you to connect shamanism with the winter solstice.

Shamanism is a very old and very widely spread phenomenon and in its positive manifestations connected closely to nature in general and life in particular.

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been celebrating the winter solstice for the fantastic natural event it is, treating it as a symbol of hope, growth and love of life.

The morning sun paints Lake Geneva in pink - winter solstice

The morning sun paints Lake Geneva in pink

One common thread you find in all forms of shamanism and that links shamanism closely to NLP, even if this may surprise some people, is the ample and deep use and application of altered states of consciousness, which we choose to call trances.

Whether you use a shamanic drum trance to celebrate the winter solstice with a deep and joyful trance, or you listen to one of the fantastic high-tech trances from Patrick K. Porter and train your brain while you relax in the Neurowave Lifestylecenter, the online-trance portal with light and sound technology of the NLP community, there are many different paths that lead to joy and happiness, or as I love to call it: Emotional success.

While a lot of the background may seem to be very different, once you take a closer look, you notice quite easily that all great NLP-Masters and Trainers are Shamans of a sort and Shamanism is one of the sources of NLP.

When Richard Bandler laid the foundation of NLP in the 1970s with John Grinder, he not only modeled the famous Psychotherapists Virginia Satir, Milton H. Erickson and Fritz Perls, he also modeled Shamans and healers all over the world.

Sometimes are great to bring things and people together. The winter solstice certainly serves well for this purpose and let’s join forces to celebrate life and the love of it on this very special winter day that a the same time marks the start of really cold days in some parts and announces the coming of change.

As sure as the days will be getting longer again, starting with the winter solstice, life is good and you are here to feel good and

be wonderful!

cherish the moment!