I love to write. I love writing articles, blog posts and books.

So do many other people.

I am successful with my books.

Not everybody is, yet.

Writing a good story, delivering a high quality book is only the start of being a successful writer, a best-selling author.

The next step is letting other people know about your writing, to give your potential readers a chance to find your books and you.

Now there are many ways to go about that a lot of them are free and with a short visit to my Resources and Knowledge Base you find many of them.

One way to promote your writing and to let the world know about what you write that is very easy and is offered to you by Amazon directly and for free:

Your Author Page at Amazon Author Central.

Your Amazon Author Page at Amazon Author Central is free and gives you room for viable information and tools such as:

You can post one or more pictures of yourself.

You can post short videos promoting you and your books.

You can „claim“ your books on Amazon and they will be linked to directly.

You can write a bio and tell your future readers more about you, your view of the world and your books.

You can integrate your blog into your Amazon Author Page and your latest blog posts will be automatically displayed.

You can integrate your twitter account into your Amazon Author Page and your latest tweets will be automatically displayed.

People, who come to your Amazon Author Page can share it on facebook, twitter and by email, they can give you a like right there.

There is even room for a discussion forum about you as an author, as a writer.

Have a look at my Author Page at Amazon’s Author Central:

Screenshot Thomas Oberbichler on Amazon Author Central

Thomas Oberbichler’s Amazon Author Page

And – I just found this out myself today:

You can get your own author’s URL for free – you find this feature in the top right corner of your profile, check you wish-URL for availability and it is live in 30 minutes!

 Mine is: www.amazon.com/author/bewonderful and I love it – no need to buy a domain 🙂

So how about your Amazon Author Page?

Do you have it up and running, yet?

Do you use all the possibilities your Amazon Author Page offers to you, yet?

 When I started this blog, I put myself the question: „How hard is it to be an independent writer?“

And I keep giving myself the same answer all the time: „It is very easy to be an independent author and writer!“

 Have fun, visit my at my Amazon Author Page, like me, share my page with your social networks and let me know when you find additional possibilities to use and benefit from your Amazon Author Page!

 be wonderful!

be wonderful! How to Be Emotionally Successful with Applied NLP: A Hypnotic Journey with Tom Oberbichler