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Today, in our ever faster living world with the ever growing and intertwining networks many people feel under pressure, they feel stressed out. While this can be very helpful to react immediately to external influences, this stress turns harmful, if it becomes an ongoing experience.

It is essential that you take a decision for yourself. Consciously and other-than-consciously – to learn new effective ways to cope with the daily strain and challenges you meet. Self-hypnosis is perfectly suited for this.

There a many rumours in the air about hypnosis : losing control, giving away secrets, not waking up anymore, and many more. – Well done, you have decided to get to the bottom of things.

It is up to you!

We could say now: “Hypnosis does not exist, there is only self-hypnosis.”

To put it another way, you decide that you want to go into hypnosis, into trance and we support you.

No, you are not at the mercy of stress.
No, you are not at the mercy of your own feelings.
No, you do not feel stressed out automatically.
No, other people do not control your life.

Yes, you can relax in every situation.
Yes, you control your stress level.
Yes, you are relaxed and so you take good decisions.
Yes, you are in control of your life.
Yes, you carry all ressources, skills and abilities within yourself.
Yes, you let go.

Self-hypnosis with NLP is helpful, useful and beneficial for all areas of life, like: stress-management, relaxation, love relationships and marriage, sports, physical well-being, health, ideal weight, regularly excersising, living smoke-free, living alcohol-free, setting and achieving personal and business goals.

So you lay the foundation for your fulfilled, relaxed, happy and successful life. As always with us at be wonderful! Learnig is having fun, because humour and relaxation are the two single most important ressources in processes of change like the life you are living.

You can use relaxation music to practice self-hypnosis and listening to the Strategic Mind Messaging sessions at Self-Mastery Technology is a form of self-hypnosis.

So you are prepared for a relaxing and entertaining journey – away from your problems, towards your loftiest goals, towards your success!

be wonderful!