Hypnosis is as natural for you as it is for you to laugh, to learn, to sleep!

Even animals are putting themselves in self-hypnosis as you can easily witness yourself by observing how a cat, a dog, a bird is focusing and concentrating on its potential food!

When people get in anger, in fear, in strong emotions like love, enthusiasm, this is hypnosis too! It is self-hypnosis!

They are doing it without even knowing it that it is very easy to get in a relaxed mood.

A heron walking in the sea representing relaxation

Relaxation helps you to keep your balance

Hypnosis is a very focused state of awareness that happens to you at any time!

Think of the last good book you read, of the best movie you ever saw, of your favorite music tune, the wonderful scent of a summer meadow, the best ripe fruit you tasted, ..

You are feeling great, are you?

You are going to imagine all these pleasant situations and your brain is activating a reality show for you! NOW!

As when you are dreaming during your sleep and being in this special state called the REM-state.

When you are hypnotized and as I prefer to call it self-hypnotizing—actually it is your brain which is making all the stuff—you are very involved with your inner mind, your inner reality!

And learning to focus on your specific inner pleasant states—and you have a lot of them, believe me—will put you in control of your emotions and feelings!

You want to feel comfortable in whatever situation will occur, even during a a confrontation with your boss!

You want to be relaxed when dealing with challenging situations!

Yes, that’s paradoxical: you are relaxed in tight situations!

You let go of controlling your conscious mind, like what would I have answered in that given situation, what would I have done, …

And you are going in this wonderful state of relaxation during the self-hypnosis where you have access to all the beautiful and creative ideas stored in your other-than-conscious mind!

All these new combinations of experiences of yours are solutions to every question you will have to yourself, they are there, inside you, waiting for you to be discovered and to be applied in your everyday life!

The more you are practicing relaxation in your mind, the more you feel comfortable in your body, save, healthy and totally confident!

Portrait of Chris Pape, Hypnotist

“Get ready to be hypnotized.” Chris Pape

You are a winner enjoying life at your best!

And that’s what counts, in your life! Your joy!

Be hypnotized,

Chris Pape

Chris Pape is a musician, composer, relaxation artist and brain training coach. She works internationally and specializes in online-trances (live and recorded).
Learn more about Chris at: www.be-wonderful.com