Some people, some of them even writers themselves, say: I don’t need an e-reader, I don’t want a Kindle. If I want to read an e-book, I read on my pc/mac or my iPhone. That’s enough for me. Why waste the money? And anyway, I want to hold a book in my hands, those e-books are no real books.

Let’s stop here for just a moment.

Did you notice it, yet?

Well, I myself had my doubts about e-readers in general and the Kindles in particular.

I started out reading ebooks on my pc, with the free Kindle app or other apps – I hated reading pdf-files, though, I have to tell you!

Then I switched to reading ebooks on my iPhone. Yes, this works – the free Kindle app once again. The good thing is that my eyes are great, which means I’m training my eyes every day – now that I think about it, I will tell you more about this in a future post 🙂 – and I see well.

And I kept seeing the Kindle apps on Amazon, especially after I started writing in earnest and publishing via Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) as an independent writer and joined their affiliate program.

When you want to catch up on this process, click here! to read my blog post „How hard is it to be an independent writer?

I also have a good friend of mine, Petra, who’s a raving fan of the Kindle reader and showed this wonderful device to me for the first time in real life.

That was a truly inspiring moment, when I held the Kindle Keyboard in my hands for the first time.

So light! So well designed! And a very user-friendly interface. It was a Kindle Keyboard, did I mention this, yet? 🙂
And I still wasn’t convinced to buy one for myself.

My main thoughts were: tablet or Kindle? I soon knew that I wanted an Ipad, if I ever get a tablet and there are these free Kindle apps that let you read on your Ipad. So why bother?

Well, reading in the sun. That’s one thing many people point out as an advantage the Kindles have over tablets and Ipads – and I do love to read in the sun 🙂

And, excuse me: the thought of having up to 3.500 books in my hand … is just wonderful!

I still wasn’t buying, yet. I decided to wait for the new Kindle Fires to be available in Europe to then decide between an Ipad and a Kindle.

And they arrived.

Then I had a close look at those different devices and finally I gave myself a Kindle Keyboard.

Picture of the Kindle Keyboard from Amazon

Have a look at your Kindle Keyboard now!

I am happy! What a wonderful device! I don’t know what I like best about it, there are so many extra cool features.

I love the free WIIFI and FREE 3G!!! – I can download new e-books all over the world – I only need either a WIFI or a signal for mobile phones – that’s tremendous service!

The screen is so soft on my eyes, a lot more comfortable to look at then your pc or mac screen. It’s simply easier to read!

I won’t talk about the 10.000s of free e-books you get.

The Kindle Keyboard is really easy to navigate – a perfect gift for people, who don’t use computers much – you don’t need any computer to get e-books and read them!

I mean: 3.500 books!!! in your pocket.

And with the lovely leather cover I bought with it, it actually feels like the book it is so much more! Yes, I like the scent of leather. It even has a built in reading lamp.

One other thing: as part of Amazon‘s policy to sell their Kindles for a good price to keep you as a regular customer, the Kindle Keyboard is a real bargain in my world.

I didn’t go for the new Kindle Fire, because I want to know exactly how my own ebooks look like on the monochrome screens, most of my readers use today; because I treated myself to a reading device – that’s a present I gave to myself. For me the combination of Laptop + Iphone + Kindle is just perfect now.

When I don’t write or read e-books, I am working as a Writer’s coach and trainer with my main focus on relaxation and stress management.

One of the most important principles I work and live on is: You go first!

I apply this to all spheres of life. I want people to read my ebooks, so I read them myself and with the proper devices, so I know what I invite you to.

For now, the Kindle Keyboard with free WIFI and 3G is perfect for me and I like perfect things.

And, picking up one questions from the start: Did you notice it, yet?

This is not solely on e-books, Kindle and other e-readers, this is about treating yourself well and respectfully. This is about being generous to yourself, to celebrate the wonderful human being you spend all your life with! You are worth it and you deserve it!

And that is a very important part of the magic formula for success – that’s part of living and writing the wonderful way – cherish the moment!

Have fun and enjoy!

be wonderful!

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Cover of be wonderful! Being emotionally Successful with Applied NLP

be wonderful!